Spring Inspection Guide For Your Windows

The month of March is the period when the southeast witnesses a change in temperature. The temperature is moving up slowly, and there are several hours of sunshine to enjoy. It is the best time to throw the windows open and allow fresh air to come inside your home. However, this may not easy, because the windows are closed for a prolonged period, and they may require TLC. Also, there is a chance that insects may be waiting outside, looking for an opportunity to enter your house.

insect on window

To keep your home free from bugs, here is a simple spring inspection guide to help you.

Inspecting the Mechanisms

You can visually inspect the window mechanism to make sure everything is in perfect condition. Some of the other things you should check include:

a) After you test the window for signs of damage, you must open and close the window a few times. You should be able to open and lock the windows smoothly without much effort. Check whether the window is sticking or not moving because of any obstruction.

b) If you have windows that slide, make sure the track of the windows is free from debris or junk which can make it difficult to open the windows.

c) You must check both the exterior and interior frame of the window. If the frame is damaged, it could affect the functioning of the window.

d) When checking the condition of the window, don’t forget to test the state of the lock. You must be able to latch and unlatch the window with ease. If the lock of the window is broken, you replace them immediately.

Check the Frame of the Window

As already mentioned, the frame of your window can have an impact on the standard functions of the window. When checking the condition of the frame, check if holes are formed between the wall and frame. If there are gaps between the frame and wall, it will give insects access into your home. Gaps between the wall and frame also allow water to enter your home and damage it. To fix the problem, you must find the exact cause of the problem and fix the holes right away.

If there are gaps between the frame and wall, it will also allow air to leak in and out of your home. This can increase your cooling and heating bills significantly. To check for gaps around the window frame, you should look for light coming from the edges of the frame. You can also look for air leaks by holding your hand on the sides of the frame and feel the hot or cold air. If you are still not able to find the small gaps between the frame and wall, you can do the following:

1) Switch off your HVAC or AC unit

2) Close all the doors and windows

3) Turn on the bathroom fans and vents

4) Light up a match and hold it near the frame

5) If the smoke is sucked out, it indicates that there is an air leak nearby

Check the Screen

If you want to keep your windows open without inviting insects inside your house, you must use screens. However, if there is even a small tear on the screen, it will allow bugs and insects to enter your home. Also, check whether the frame is bent. If the screen frame is bent, it will not sit flush on the window.

Check the condition of the glass

You must also check for signs of cracks or moisture on the glass. Since glass is the main component of any window, can damage to it is a cause for concern even if it is a minor crack.

If you use double pane windows, moisture can seep between the panes. If you notice water droplets between the panes or if the glass is fogged up, it is a problem worth inspecting. One of the causes of moisture between the panes is cracks in the seal. You can also check for cracks in the seal by rubbing ice on the window until the fog is formed. If the fog can be rubbed off, it indicates that the seal is good. However, if you cannot rub off the fog, it means that fog is formed inside the panes and the seal is broken.

When you should replace the windows

During the inspection, if you notice that the window or the frame is damaged beyond repair, you should consider window replacements. If you are looking for good replacement windows for your home, you need to consider using impact windows Fort Lauderdale Florida. These hurricane windows are ideal for those living in areas that are prone to hurricane and storm. Also known as storm windows, these windows are durable and prevent wind and debris from entering your home. Impact windows also prevent the harmful ultraviolet rays from entering the house, making it an ideal option for residential users.