What We Do

Miami Pest Solutions is an independent pest control service provider in Miami. The decades of experience in the pest control business have equipped our company to deliver the results we promise. We pride ourselves on delivering quality service at fair prices, using earth-friendly methods that reflect our deep respect for the natural environment.

pest control services

We are a full-service pest control company and provide treatment for all of your pest control needs, including:

Ant Control
Roach Control
Bedbug Control, including chemical-free thermal remediation (“heat treatment”)
Flea Control
Fly and Flying Insect Control
Control of Perimeter Pests and Occasional Invaders
Bee, Wasp, and Stinging Insect Control
General Residential Pest Control

We also offer customized commercial pest control programs for supermarkets, warehouses, restaurants and food service establishments, health care facilities, and other businesses and organizations. Our pest control programs for businesses are full-featured and include help with record keeping and regulatory compliance.

In this blog, we will provide you with tips that we also practice ourselves. These earth friendly tips will enable you to secure your Miami home away from pests. Read our blog today to learn more!